Our Bell Tents

Open April 28th - September 11th 2017 01285 720265

beautiful bell tents, nestled on our gorgeous campsite in the middle of the Cotswolds

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Our bell tents all have tough waterproof ground sheets, and the furnished one has thick coir matting and is finished off with colourful rugs. We provide door mats, but please remove footwear before entering the tent.


The flooring means the cold and damp stays out, making for a cosy camping experience.

Our Bell Tents


All our Bell tents are made from beautiful cream canvas and at 3m high and 5m wide, are tall enough to stand up in and swing that proverbial cat.


Our bell tents are all designed and manufactured in Great Britain. They are designed to be warm and cosy in the cooler months and cool and airy on those hot summer days.



Getting to know your bell tent

Each of our bell tents has its own personality, but they all work the same way, so here you can learn a little bit more about them before you arrive.


Doors & Windows

In order to keep the tent stable, the door way is not as high as a regular door, so you will need to duck to enter. The door can be half unzipped or fully unzipped for easy access. The door rolls up and is secured with the strings attached. If it is warm inside, the four windows roll down to let air in. The windows all have mesh in them to help keep the little buggaboos out.


Side walls

If you really want to feel the breeze around your ankles, the groundsheet unzips and the sides can be rolled up. See our pictures for what it looks like when in the rolled up position.


Our Pinterest page has lots on where our inspiration comes from, as well as pictures we just really like.




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